Monday, January 23, 2012

Okay, so this post is all about ME!

So, I've been afraid of posting on my blog for quite some time now. Because I know that people are going to read it, I have not wanted to share. I'm afraid of some people knowing about my life, but I don't want to make my blog private because I would like to invite more readers in.

I decided that it's time to get over my fear and just do it--because I like it and I really like writing about myself. (It's true. I'm self-absorbed like that.)

Boy, have I had A LOT going on lately! This is the second week of my last semester in college. And it is already a big hairy demanding semester that is threatening to overwhelm me. My classes are exciting (most of them) but I can't help but feel that I'm in over my head a little bit.

I'm taking freelance magazine writing, mythology, introductory communications, grant writing, physical science lab, and writing internship. For my internship, I will (hopefully) be working with an orgaization called Jana's Campaign. They work to raise awareness about domestic violence and women's rights. If they accept me, I will be writing press releases, articles, and blogs for their organization and doing some editing on their website. It's the kind of work that I imagine to be very rewarding and worthwhile.

At the same time that I'm taking all of these classes, I have my first big editing job.

Drum roll, please.....

I'm editing a novel! I've never had to do a job on this scale before and I was really nervous when I found out that I would have to do it during school. But the good news is that I'm head-over-heels in love with the work. I woke up Saturday morning at 8:20 (which is super early for me) and I didn't want to go back to sleep. I wanted nothing more than to get up and edit. As soon as I sat down to start the editing, it was like I entered a zen dimension. I was so confident and I just felt so competent. I knew what to change and how and how to communicate with the writer in a way that would make him feel good about having me as his editor. It was awesome!

I'm not a person who has loads of confidence to spare. I have always had a hard time believing in myself. So, this is big. I'm so happy that I've found the thing that I will never not want to do. It's amazing.

The song above totally fits how I feel right now. It was recommended by my friend Ruth a few weeks ago. I LOVE it and I hope you all enjoy it, too.